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Virtual Reality: Important Sites and Organizations

Virtual Reality and Education

New Media and Theatre

Virtual Reality and Theatre

Virtual Reality Applications for Cultural Heritage

Technical issues
European Commission

EC home page

DGXIII – Telematics Applications
Applied research programme of the European Commission

EU information technologies programme

ECC – FEMP – THEATRON Theatre History in Europe
The Theatron Project

Virtual Reality: Important Sites and Organizations

Virtual Reality (CALT, insead)
A compilation and structuration of resources on the Internet by CALT, The Centre for Advanced Learning Technologies

Human Interface Technology Lab, University of Washington

Includes: Emerson – Virtual Interface Technology Bibliography
Knowledge Base WWW, Bibliography Project (references to books and articles on VR, updated until Spring1999)

And: On The Net Resources in Virtual Reality
“On the Net” resources in Virtual Reality (updated until Spring 1999)

IMK – Institute for Media Communication
The Institute for Media Communication expands the scope of the new media through research and explores their creative potential and social consequences. Current research interests are a.o.: Virtual Environments and Virtual-Studio technology for the TV industry
Infobyte, Italy
Virtual reality projects at Infobyte, an Italian company that specializes in applications for cultural heritage

The International Journal of Virtual Reality is a multimedia publication dedicated to the cooperative development and application of diverse technologies associated with virtual reality.

MIRALab, University of Geneve, Switzerland.
Work on VR, computer animation and telecooperative work. Research project on simulating Virtual Humans, the beings that might eventually populate the Virtual Worlds.

NCSA VR Lab Home Page
The NCSA Virtual Reality (VR) laboratory is a research facility engaged in the exploration of new methods of visualizing and interfacing with scientific data and simulations.

Open Virtual Reality Testbed
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Links and Resources at the site of the Visualization and Virtual Reality Group (VVRG)

UM-VRL: Virtual Reality Lab – University of Michigan
The Virtual Reality Laboratory (VRL) at the University of Michigan concentrates on industrial applications of
virtual environments.

Virtual Reality Society
The International Society for Virtual Reality and Synthetic Environments.
The Virtual Reality Society (VRS) is an international society dedicated to the discussion and advancement of virtual reality and synthetic environments. The Web site contains news, links to software and hardware companies etc.

Virtual Reality and Education

Conference on Virtual reality in Education
University of Twente, Educational Science and Technology
Programstudy for Research in the field of Educational Technology, including a trendstudy on Virtual Reality in Education
This study contains references to literature and Web pages on VR for education.

Human Interface Technology Lab – The Learning Center
The Learning Center is a collaborative effort between the Human Interface Technology Lab and the University of Washington’s College of Education. Its goal is to study the ways virtual environments can be successfully used in schools to help students learn.

Virtual Environment Technology Laboratory
The Virtual Environment Technology Laboratory (VETL) is a joint enterprise of the University of Houston and NASA/Johnson Space Center. The laboratory performs research and development focused on virtual environments for training, education, and scientific/engineering data visualization.

Virtual Environments Group
Georgia Institute of Technology: Graphics, Visualization, & Usability Center
The Virtual Environments Group creates and studies immersive computer-generated experiences. Current research interests include software and system support for virtual environments, three-dimensional human-component interaction, and applications of virtual reality to clinical psychology, education, and visualization.

Virtual Reality and Education Laboratory
Virtual Reality and Education Laboratory (VREL) of the School of Education, East Carolina University, Greenville .
Includes list of ‘VR and Education web sites’.

Virtual reality: Education and Training Applications

ARGUS VR INTERNATIONAL WEBSITE: Communication Tools for the Next Century
Argus VR International
Argus VR produces virtual reality simulations for a wide range of applications; clients include large corporations, schools, and museums.

Learning Sites interactive 3D archaeological educational and research tools
Learning sites
Learning Sites designs and develops interactive 3D models and virtual worlds for public school education, archaeological research, scholarly publication, and museum or archaeological site exhibition.

VR in Higher Education

HITLab knowledge base
Human Interface Technology Lab, University of Washington
On The Net Resources – Education and Training
Virtual Reality Applications for Education and Training, site of the Human Interface Technology Lab, university of Washington

CARTE – Center for Advanced Research on Technology for Education
The Center for Advanced Research in Technology for Education (CARTE)
The Center for Advanced Research in Technology for Education (CARTE) is concerned with the development, evaluation, and deployment of new technologies for education. CARTE is part of the Information Sciences Institute at the University of Southern California.
The site includes projects like the Advanced Distance Education (ADE) project aimed at developing tools to create adaptive, Web-based courseware incorporating artificial intelligence.

Advanced Technology Center
Advanced Technology Center, University of Missouri.
Research on virtual reality, scientific visualization, and multimedia for education.

Clemson’s VR Project
Clemson University

New Media and Theatre

DIDASKALIA: Ancient Theater Today
electronic source for the latest developments in Greek and Roman drama, dance, and music as they are performed today, published by the University of California at Berkeley
Includes 3-D reconstructions of theaters

VR and Theatre

VR and Theatre architecture


Foundation of the Hellenic World
Foundation of the Hellenic World
with 3-D modeling and animation projects:
3-D photorealistic reconstruction of the ancient town of Miletus and its theater
3-D reconstruction of the Epidaurus Theater (photorealistic pictures and animation in Cosmo player)

Shakespeare Multimedia Research Project
The Open University / BBC Shakespeare Multimedia Research Project :
The Globe Theatre Virtual Tour

Shakespeare and the Globe
Reading University, dept of English
Information on Shakespeare and the Globe, including views of the new Globe

QuickTime VR images of the temporary stage to view

Department of Theatre and Dance, Appalachian State University
Development of Scenic Spectacle: A site devoted to the study of Spectacle on the Renaissance and Baroque Stage
Includes 3D animations

Theatron Ltd.
Theatron Limited specializes in the field of virtual reality and multimedia for cultural heritage clients.
See products and projects

VR and Performance

i.e.VR Home Page
The Institute for the Exploration of Virtual Realities, University of Kansas.
The Institute for the Exploration of Virtual Realities, i.e.VR, is a newly formed institute within the University Theatre and the Department of Theatre & Film at the University of Kansas. Its goal is to explore the uses of virtual reality and related technologies. While the primary application currently under study is theatre production and performance, the possibility of exploring VR applications in other fields is also being actively pursued.

It/I : a computer theater play
MIT Media Laboratory and the Digital Life Consortium present : It / I , a computer theater play by Claudio Pinhanez.
“It/I” portrays two characters, “I” (played by a human actor) and “It” (played by a computer) in a pantomime about the relation between people and technology. The play is part of a project at the MIT Media Laboratory on integrating computers into theater through computer vision technology. The computer playing “It” monitors the scene with video cameras and reacts to “I”‘s actions by displaying real time computer graphics.

Networked Virtual Reality Centres for Art &Design
The Networked Virtual Reality Centres for Art & Design (NVRCAD) are located at the Universities of Coventry, Plymouth and Teesside. They provide a resource for students and staff in the fields of Art, Design and the Performing Arts who are involved with Higher Education in the UK. Their particular expertise concerns digital 3D technologies that operate over networks (such as the www). They aim to bridge the gap between practicing artists and designers and the sometimes complex technologies involved.

includes useful links and resources at
NVRCAD – General Information

Projection and Virtual Reality Performance at WPI
Virtual Reality Performance at WPI, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, U.S.A.

Richard Cray’s Performance Animation Home Page
The “Performance Animation Society” is a member / sponsor supported special interest group dedicated to the emerging field of Performance Animation, virtual theatre, digital puppeteering and motion capture

The Virtual Theater Project
The Knowledge Systems Lab (KSL), Stanford University
The Virtual Theater project studies the creation of intelligent, automated characters that can act either in well-defined stories or in improvisational environments.

VRML Dream
SHOC Interactive specializes in developing effective 3-D applications for the Internet and CD-ROM.
VRML Dream is an Internet-based, virtual-reality theatre production of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The goal of this project is to broadcast a “live” production of the play over the Internet and demonstrate the potential of the Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) as an entertainment medium.

Virtual Reality Applications for Cultural Heritage

HITLab Knowledge base
Human Interface Technology Lab, University of Washington, USA
On The Net Resources – Museums and Cultural Heritage

Technical issues

Exploiting Virtual Reality Techniques in Education and Training
Advanced VR Research Centre, Loughborough University of Technology
“Exploiting Virtual Reality Techniques in Education and Training: Technological Issues”, publication by R.S. Kalawsky

Viewing and viewing tools

The Active Worlds Virtual Reality browser
Communicate with people from all around the world, build your own avatar and room with Active Worlds

SGI – Cosmo Software: Cosmo Player
Cosmo Player (VRML viewer)

Web3D CONSORTIUM | Web Links
Web links of the WEB3D consortium: 3D models, VRML, Cosmo Player etc.


Apple – QuickTime – QuickTime VR Authoring
Apple’s QuickTime VR site

VRMLSite Magazine – VRML Java VRML more VRML and VRML
The VRMLSite magazine
Site by Aereal, Inc. articles, references, downloads and announcements about VRML

The Web3D Consortium was formed to provide a forum for the creation of open standards for Web3D specifications and represents all aspects of 3D technologies on the Internet

Web3D CONSORTIUM | Technical Info
VRML standards and specifications